[Review] Ammi Hotel at Cepu - Cepu, a city that is familiar to most people in Indonesia. It very popular with abundant natural resources such as Oil and Gas, and attracting well-known oil company ExxonMobil, even though it’s located in Bojonegoro, precisely in Banyu Urip. Whereas the city has a very hot weather, it just a small town sub-district with Blora district.

Cepu has opened up jobs for local residents and many expatriates come to the city, make it crowded. we can find a variety of culinary like Pecel Bu Pomo, Lontong Kapuan Pak Pangat and Tahu Lontong Bu Sabar make it more colourful. Cepu also has a five-star hotel that is Ammi Hotel.

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I always making vacation plans to Cepu when long weekend, like this time coincides with the holiday of Eid al-Adha for 3 days. I was fortunate when when in the way to Cepu, I got an invitation from Ms Indah Lestari as a Cluster Sales Executive to see all the luxuries facilities and restaurant in Ammi hotel.

Ammi Hotel is a network group of Samali Hotels, When I entered into the Hotel, I was amazed with the concept of building such a hotel Majapahit Surabaya. I seemed to dejavu with "Lawang Sewu" which has the charm of 1000 doors. Ammi hotel offers a classic modern building with dozens of windows that looks slightly old-fashioned, but this hotel is a new hotel recently completed in 2014 with the concept of Europe.

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Some facilities including the adult pool and children, fitness, Lounge Tea Tree, Jati Restaurant, conference room, wedding packages and locations for photo prewedding.

Types of Hotel Room
There are Deluxe Room, Executive Room, Ammi Suite and Samali Suite. In the Ammi Suite is dominated by orange, brown and white elegant colors. There is a work space, mini bar, personal safe, television with satellite broadcasting and fast WiFi Internet. Bathroom filled up with bath up, toileteries, hair dryer, towels, and shower. There is also a balcony that had doors to view the surrounding green landscape.


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Executive room has a room that is smaller than the executive room which is 36 square meters, but equally comfortable. Room only difference lies in the absence of work space and bath up in the bathroom. Instead remain desk chairs and shower in the bathroom. One more rooms offered by Samali Suite but still in renovation.

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I am very impressed with the friendliness of the staff who can speak English fluently, as we know this hotel is usually visited by expatriates. Differ from some of the hotel is always crowded when the long weekend, Ammi hotel was crowded when the weekday as some hotel guests are mostly workers from the Blok Cepu or ExxonMobil.

Jati Restaurant and Lounge Tea Tree
I spoke with Ms. Indah Lestari in Jati Restaurant while enjoying some dish favored visitors. I ordered the menu Open Faced Cheesesteak Sandwich, Grilled Rib Soup (Sop Iga Sapi), and drinks Green Forest, Yellow Velvet and Black Forest Iced Coffee Blend.

The food menu is most preferred by guests is fresh lobster priced at 175k - 650k. There are also some special menus like Sate Blora Cepu, Lontong Opor Kapuan, Tahu Gimbal, Tahu Lontong and Asem-Asem. All the food at Jati Restaurant are guaranteed halal and not available alcoholic beverages are sold in restaurants. 

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Grilled Rib Soup (Sop Iga Sapi), 135k
My order was provided with grilled beef rib, rice, crackers mlinjo, soy sauce and soup containing vegetables such as potatoes, beans and carrots. Grilled beef rib that appears perfect it the more I love the taste of traditional Indonesian spices, perfect ripeness and very tender. I was amazed with the hotel right attention to taste this cooking like Ammi Hotel.

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Open Faced Cheesesteak Sandwich (95k)
Nighttime is not the right time to order a sandwich, but I was curious to taste this favorite sandwich. The sandwich contains sliced steak, onion, bell pepper, mozzarella and garlic mayonnaise steak served with fries. The contents of the sandwich containing steak meat is ground beef mashed with a very delicious scent and I really enjoyed the mozzarella very much.

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Green Forest, Yellow Velvet and Black Forest Ice Coffe Blend
Green Forest (65k)
This drink is mint flavored with lime juice, pineapple juice, orange juice and ginger. The effect when drunk, very remarkable interconnectedness of mint, sour and warm. it also favored visitors Ammi Hotel.

Yellow Velvet (50k)
I really enjoyed the Yellow Velvet because I am a fan of fresh milk. In these drinks are peach, orange juice and fresh milk which when mixed with extraordinary tastes very good. I highly recommend this drink.

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Yellow Velvet
Black Forest Iced Coffee Blend (65k)
For Coffee lovers, Black forest Iced Coffee Blend consists of espresso, fresh milk chocolate and strawberry blend. You can ask for extra sugar if liked the sweet taste for chocolate and espresso present a bitter taste.

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Jati Restaurant and Lounge Tea Tree can be enjoyed by all visitors to either the non-residents. Restaurant is open from morning till night at 23:00. I really liked the cuisine of Jati Restaurant and Lounge Tea Tree is very tasty and very beautiful view, when taking place around the pool. Let’s spend the weekend and weekday time to stay in Ammi Hotel.

I would definitely go back again to Ammi Hotel to enjoy all the amenities. This hotel is very strategic, 1 km from pusdiklat and close to the convenience store. For room available starting at Rp 880,000, - up, and I am sure you are not disappointed when Ammi Hotel at Cepu. Happy Traveling !!!

Ammi Hotel
Jalan Gianti No 14
Kecamatan Cepu

Phone :
(0296) 4269191