I'm scared about cat in any case, but I really liked the character hello kitty. Each character was cute and pretty pink color. Like when I visited Johor Bahru I did not miss the destinations "Hello Kitty Town".

Location of Hello Kitty Town Johor Bahru is quite far from the city center JB Sentral. It takes at least up to 1 hour by shuttle bus from Johor Bahru. When boarding the shuttle bus, my mind said that Hello Kitty Town is located amid oil palm plantations that have been converted into an expressway and Puteri Harbour mall. Around him was so hot and barren. Fortunately, there is a shuttle bus "LM1" greatly facilitate the tourists and we need not to be afraid of getting lost.

At the Puteri Harbour Mall, i felt very lonely and surrounding with no shop or cafe interesting. I think visitors coming to Puteri Harbour is just for a visit to Hello Kitty Town Johor Bahru or Big Club course. Meanwhile, if you want to shop after it, you can continue through the pedestrian overpass to Johor Premium Outlet about 40 minutes from Hello Kitty Town Johor Bahru.

Hello Kitty Town is perfect intended for elementary school children or parents with children. I do not recommend it if you are a teenager or an adult without bringing small children. Unless you like to take pictures or with characters like Hello Kitty, by visiting this place is a must.

The area of Hello Kitty Town Johor Bahru is not so broad, and the game is dedicated to girls. If you have a boy it can get into Big Club that is located above the floor Hello Kitty Town Johor Bahru.

What happen on Hello Kitty? With Ticket costing RM 75 we can enjoy the activity such as jewelry making, costume dress-up, cookie studio, doll factory, nail salon and every activity that has been done will get a stamp on a special card and it all worthy. I call it a children's play paradise.

There is also a friendship land as playground for children with a variety of games such as bath balls, swings, and educational games. For adults and children do not forget to visit the Black Wonder. In Black Wonder we all equipped with hello kitty doll to save points a game that we get. Many games that pitted hand speed like hitting or dancing. Then after playing we will get a post card to take home

Hello Kitty House

In Sanrio Hello Kitty Town Johor Bahru there is also a Hello Kitty House. The house was completed with Hello Kitty furnishings from the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, bed clothes and beautiful dresses. When in the bathroom, we can hear the sound of water gurgling like Hello Kitty was in the shower.

My longest visiting time is in Hello Kitty Home, I imagined if my house completely furnished with hello kitty , it definitely going to look cute.

Performance Show
Do not miss the performance of hello kitty appearance with a specific timetable, schedule announcements placed in front of the gate. When the performance was shown the area to be sterilized and visitors are allowed to sit on the floor.

Then the music was played and the Hello Kitty and other characters will dance and entertaining the children. They seemed very friendly with the kids, and my kid loved it.


Hello Kitty Town Johor Bahru is also equipped with all-round souvenir shop Hello Kitty. I found some dolls, suitcases, where to eat, clothes, and various other souvenirs were very funny. Unfortunately the price is very expensive for me.


If you are hungry do not worry it will be difficult to get food, because in Hello Kitty Town Johor Bahru there is a cafe completed with food and drink. Or if you want to enjoy the cafe atmosphere with passing visitors Puteri Harbour we can also sit in the outdoor cafe, located near the entrance ticket Hello Kitty Town Johor Bahru.

Bus To Hello Kitty

How to go to Hello Kitty Town is very easy, namely from JB Sentral Bus LM1 take the bus and you will be taken onto a Hello Kitty Town Johor Bahru. Do not forget to always watch the clock so as not to miss the bus departure schedule, because the bus will be departed every one hour.

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town
Johor Bahru
Open Hours :
10.00 - 18.00
RM 75