Verona, Seychelles, and Santorini – all these cities have long received the status of the most romantic destinations in the world. We offer alternative options for those, who have already seen almost everything.

Reykjavik, Iceland
The capital of Iceland is unlike any other city. No matter how trivial it may sound, but Reykjavik is a real city of contrasts. Here, ancient buildings share the same streets with masterpieces of modern architecture. You can see the white nights in summer and northern lights in winter. In the afternoon, Reykjavik is a typical quiet European city, but at night, it turns into one of the world’s best hubs for clubbers. People come here for quiet rest and picturesque landscapes.

Marrakech, Morocco
Pink haze gives a special charm to Marrakech: it makes this city one of the most beautiful and romantic vacation destinations. Moroccans know everything about romance and luxury: incredible local hotels look as incredible as palaces and no wonder why, since some of them are really located in buildings where sheikhs once lived. Get lost in the old town’s maze, stroll through the local market to soak up the smells of spices, and visit the famous Casablanca.

Tbilisi, Georgia
When you’re looking for truly unique experience, Georgia is a great option. Gourmets and couples, who appreciate home comfort, will like it here. Plan a romantic dinner in one of the small restaurants on the outskirts of Tbilisi: their hosts offer the best examples of local cuisine. After dinner, stroll through the old town and admire the view. Georgia is also a great place to seek Russian brides as they often prefer this place as a destination for spring and autumn voyages. Though, seeking them online is still a better option. 

Lake Balaton, Hungary
The city of Balatonfured on Lake Balaton has always been considered the pearl of the “Hungarian Riviera.” Once it was a favorite spot for the Budapest elite, and now those, who love architecture and the unique atmosphere of romantic vacation destinations, come here. Strolling along the shore of Lake Balaton, it’s so easy to forget that you’re only a half hour drive from the bustling Budapest.

Liguria, Italy
The third of the smallest Italian regions, Liguria is undeservedly less loved by traveling couples than, for example, the cities of Verona or Venice. Portofino, San Remo, Genoa, and Cinque Terre - these cities combine a stunning nature (Liguria is surrounded by a mountain ring on one side and washed by the sea on the other) and all that things, for which travelers love small towns with their narrow streets, colorful houses, and cozy cafes. All this makes Liguria one of the perfect romantic vacation destinations.

Cape Town, South Africa
The capital of the Republic of South Africa can surprise even seasoned travelers. Be sure to visit Boulders Beach where a colony of penguins lives and one of the world's finest botanical gardens Kirstenbosch. It’s here that the extreme point of Africa, the Cape of Good Hope, is located.

Orange County, USA
How many tourists, who plan their vacation in the US, know about such a beautiful resort area in Southern California, as Orange County? Not many. Some believe that Los Angeles and its surroundings aren’t suitable for recreation. That’s not true. Laguna Beach, for example, is one of the best romantic destinations in the US, and it’s considered the best beach in California. Newport Beach is in fifth place in the top ten. Three hotels from the ten best beach hotels in the USA are also in Orange County. This respectable region of Southern California stretches a hundred miles along the Pacific coast just an hour's drive from Los Angeles and has about 30 beaches.

Locals “run off’ to Orange County in search of a quieter lifestyle and clean air. The standard of living here is high, and the climate is perfect. Welcome to Real California!